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(Archived) NeverLoad: Mobile WEB UI won't load due to Javascript bug

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Dear Evernote folks,

Since the Nokia N900 phone doesn't have an official Evernote app, we use the mobile WEB UI when on the go. It used to work fine, but stopped working a few weeks ago: after signing in, we see the "Loading..." screen but no notes are ever loaded. This happens on the MicroB and Firefox browsers.

Using Firefox on the N900 (and also on the desktop, with the right user agent) I noticed the following error message:

_16c is null

Of course, we can access both the more limited mobile web UI and the full web UI, but the first is limited to only reading notes, and the other is a bit slow to load an run on the phone.

I don't think this is something we could fix on the user side, so could someone from Evernote take a look at this problem?



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I reported this problem here and also opened case 255134 (Mobile WEB UI won't load due to Javascript bug), but it still exists and I received no communication from Evernote (except an automated confirmation that they have received my inquiry). When you add the desktop problems (random text reformatting and crashes) to this, it unfortunately makes us believe that:

  • [*:25v84ymc] Evernote products are not reliable
    [*:25v84ymc]Evernote doesn't listen to bug reports (or just don't care)

The worst part is that it worked until a few months before, and the programmer(s) could probably just rollback the last modifications to find the source of the problem. It's frustrating to wait so long for a solution that looks so simple, even after pointing to the problem...

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This is what I received from Evernote support:

On 23/06/2011 00:00, Evernote Support wrote:

> Nokia has independently developed a Maemo version for certain phones, which they distribute in their OVI store.

> We do not support this product.

Nokia only developed a sharing plugin for Maemo. We depend on the Evernote WEB interface to access our data! The Mobile WEB UI is hosted on the Evernote servers and is accessed with an Internet browser! The Evernote mobile web UI is found at https://www.evernote.com/mobile, so I believe it was created and should be supported by Evernote.

The Mobile WEB UI detects the browser / device being used and displays a different page accordingly. On a PC desktop and other browsers we see a very simple web page (again, I'm talking about the mobile web UI), while on the N900 and on (at least some) Android devices we have an Ajax interface.

The problem is that the Ajax interface is not working due to a Javascript bug! It used to work just fine, but it's not working anymore. Something changed, and it was not on my side - it was on Evernote's side!

I already provided plenty of details about this problem, but it seems that Evernote support really don't spend a few seconds to read and understand bug reports... It's already frustrating to have problems of this kind, but seeing that the support is so bad just makes things worse!

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  • 3 weeks later...

FINALLY, the problem was fixed! Now the web UI is working again (tested with MicroB on my N900, and Firefox on my PC).

The Evernote team took their sweet time... I almost gave up hope! But better late than never! :)


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