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(Archived) REQUEST: Highlighting in all Evernote clients

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Please add the ability to highlight selected text in all of your EN Apps (Windows, Mac, etc) by changing the background color of the selected text.

Please provide for highlighting as is done in many other apps:

  • [*:1nact61f]Allow choosing of the background color each time it is applied
    [*:1nact61f]Allow setting of a default background color
    [*:1nact61f]Provide a shortcut key that will toggle the highlight on/off
    [*:1nact61f]Provide two methods of applying highlight:
    1. Select the text first and then click the highlight button or press the highlight shortcut key
    2. With no text selected, click the button/press the key to turn on highlight mode so that you can highlight multiple blocks of text

Just about every Note I capture or create I need to highlight selected portions of the text so that when I refer back to that Note the key, most important parts stand out to me. Now that you have Notebook and Note sharing this becomes even more important when other readers view the note.

Many times the Note may be several pages/screens long, but I need to make sure one or two short phrases don't get lost in all the details.

While changing the text foreground color helps, it does not make the text stand out nearly as well as a background highlight. Most rich-text editors I have used provide for text highlighting. It seems to be fairly common.

Thank you for consideration of this request.

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++++1 for this feature. :D

It would be great if highlights could be navigable (as they are in Preview on Macs) & searchable (by color, for example); even better if they could be cross linked to other notes/highlights using an alternate sub-tagging (or linking); it would allow for some pretty wicked filtering and searchability -- this would be a fantastic feature for locating important research info that I've clipped...

Hopefully this will be possible in the not too distant future...

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A few weeks ago, tired of waiting for a highlighting feature to be added, I tweeted Phil Libin, Evernote CEO, on Twitter.

I expressed the need for this feature, which is on just about every other information program, and asked that it be included.

He agreed with me, and said it would be in the next version.

More recently I have downloaded the latest update, and I do not see highlighting.

Highlighting is of major important to many people most likely to use a program such as Evernote.

I hope the developers will include this feature, which some of us have requested for years, included at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you.


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Thanks for correcting me, and my apologies to Phil Libin and readers. I didn't intend to misquote Phil, or to mislead anyone about what he said.

I allowed my hope that it might be the next version to get in the way of accurate recollection.

Nonetheless, I hope the highlight feature comes soon.


He agreed with me, and said it would be in the next version.

No, he did not say the next version.

On his May 25 tweet, all he said was:

  • "I agree. We'll add it."

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Check out http://www.scrible.com/

At a minimum, EN should provided the ability to highlight text within its notes. IMO, not having this basic capability greatly distracts from the value of the tool

The cool thing about Scrible is that it lives right in the browser and doesn't get in the way of your workflow. Mark up pages as you go and then save/tag/share the marked up versions in your library.

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The ability to highlight text is the only feature I really miss in Evernote. I'm an extremely critical consumer and EN is my favorite software, but I'm surprised that something so basic as highlighting is missing. Considering it's pervasiveness as a feature elsewhere (Chrome extensions, MSFT Office, Adobe & other PDF editors) it seems like a clear oversight.

As a former Bloomberg Terminal user (financial markets software) I remember hearing stories about Michael Bloomberg resisting the adoption of drop-down menus. This was circa 2001 so drop-downs were already in widespread use. That's just funny to me. It's kind of like still complaining about touch screens on smartphones.

Is there some technical hurdle or other reason that highlighting hasn't been added?

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