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(Archived) Clipping emails on Mail.app



Hi Evernote

I've started to use EVERNOTE more often -- outside of just web page clipping. The feature on SAFARI works great, but my problem is clipping emails (in Mail.app).

If I want to clip a long email (longer than the screen, one that requires me to screen), I'm limited to only clipping it in segments (that which is visible on the screen). Is there a way to clip the WHOLE email (similar to how you can in Safari). This would be a life-saver -- otherwise, the feature isn't that useful.

Thank you,


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EN Win has an Outlook clipper that works very well.

It is much faster and captures the email format much better than emailing the mail to Evernote.

Are there any plans to add an Evernote clipper to Outlook 2011 Mac and Mail.app?


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Not that I am aware of - you may find something if you do a Search.

Would imagine that if anything does happen with Mail it won't be till after Lion has been released.

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