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(Archived) Cannot add notes and notebooks not sticky

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I have just come from Google Notebook. It imported my Google Notebook notebooks no trouble (would have been nice to do them all in one go though, rather than one at a time).

However I am really disappointed at the way in EN you clip web pages when using either a browser plug-in or a context mouse click/Add To Evernote. With Google Notes it straightaway opened a dialogue box with cursor focus to add notes. It also remembered the last Notebook you used. But EN does not give you the option to add a quick note which I often want to do. And it is a pain having to navigate to the Notebook you want everytime - after all, when you are trawling the web at any particular time it is usually for a specific project and you want to store the clips all in the same Notebook.

A third issue is with tags when clipping a website. There is no dropdown box showing me my existing tags. As a consequence I can see I will end up with lots of simialr tags because I did not remember the exact word for the tag.

So for me EN is far less useful than GN was. Or have a missed something?

Yes, I know I can open the full application on my computer, and then I will have the option to add notes but to do that every time I clip a web site is not efficient.

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You do not tell us what browser(s) you are using. Have you put the addons onto your browsers? Your descriptions do not jive at all with my use in Safari and Firefox. In both cases you can add a note before the webclipping. Firefox it is quick and easy. With Safari - you have to add it into the note which does slow things down a bit - I agree. It is one of the big reasons I use Firefox more than Safari.

In Firefox the Evernote addon remembers the last notebook used. In Safari, the new note does default to your default notebook. I agree that it would be nice if it remembered the most recent one used. On the other hand, I just save a bunch of notes then go into my Inbox (my default notebook) and drag all the notes over to the disired notebook.

Evernote does not show a dropdown list of tags until you type a letter then it gives you the choice of all the tags that start with that letter and as you type more letters it narrows the list down. Or you can chose a tag from the list after you type the first letter. That system is far faster than having a huge dropdown list. Believe me, you will appreciate it when your notes are in the thousands and you have a lot of tags.

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