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(Archived) Repeated crashes on launch




On my MacBook Evernote refuses to launch — it crashes immediately with the message "Evernote quit unexpectedly".

I downloaded the latest version, trashed the preferences files (com.evernote etc) and even the entire Evernote folder in the Application Support folder, but it doesn't help.

Any ideas?


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Not only do I have this same exact problem and have had it for more than a month, when trying to register for these forums in Safari it does not allow me. I needed to download and install Chrome on Mac just to Register and login and reply to this post. I was hoping a fix would come out in the last month since I use Evernote excessively on multiple platforms but have been brought to the brink of discontinuing its use because Mac is my primary computer and this inability to access the desktop application severely hampers its value to me. I certainly hope someone sees this and saves a loyal user.

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It would be really helpful if you could open a support case.

Which version of Evernote and Mac OS are you using?

Could you try the latest version of Evernote, and let us know if the app is still crashing for you?

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