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(Archived) Some feedback on Evernote 2.2 beta 3




I downloaded the latest beta version a few days ago and really like the new snippet view. Here are some aspects, that should be improved (at least from my point of view):

1. I'm in snippet view and select a note. The I switch from the account- to the "Shared Notebooks"-tab (I'm running the german localization, so I'm guessing the translations). When I move back to the account-tab, the note I chose before isn't active any more but the very first one in my list!

2. I want to drag&drop a jpeg-image from Firefox to a note in EN (e.g. this one). But EN shows a error message saying, that my free acount is restricted to images (jpeg/png/gif) and sound-, pdf- and lnk-files.

But my file was an image?!

3. I have an encrypted note and like the way, it is displayed in the note when it is encrypted (the thing with the black dots). But in the snippet view, the plain text of the encryption is displayed, which is of course just a random clutter of characters.


Maybe this could be replaced be a lock-symbol? Would just look nicer!

4. My last point is a feature request:

I also use EN as an archive for important PDF files, that I have to send via email every now and then. Sometimes I have additional text in the notes, I saved the PDF to. So in order to send just the pdf file, I have to open it in preview and choose "send via email". This is a little complicated, maybe a "send via email" option could be integrated in the context menu? (Same problem with the iPhone-addition btw...).

5. Very last point: In some other software-boards (like the Dropbox-Forum), the developers open a neew thread for each version, where they publicize the version history and users can give feedback. I would welcome it, if you did that, too!

That's it! I'm curious what you guys think about my ideas!


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I was happy to see, that my suggestion no. 3 was considered in version 2.2 RC.

About my 2nd point:

I only have this problem with Firefox 4, Chrome and Safari work smoothly. Any idea how to fix that?

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