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(Archived) Hiding notebooks from "all notes" view

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One of the things I use Evernote for is as an archive of things I post of the web - blog posts, twitter, starred items in Google Reader. Those are all important notes, but I don't often want to refer to them. I find having them in the "all notes" view clutters it up and makes it hard to find other notes. I do have all these "archive" notes in separate notebooks and it would be great of there was a way to omit them from the "all notes" view - a flag in the notebook's properties that said "don't show in all notes". That's not there now, obviously, and it doesn't appear to be possible to easily build a search to do the same thing - I can't search for "-notebook:Twitter".

Does anyone else have this problem and think this is a good idea?


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It's one I wish I'd thought of earlier :) I also have a couple archive notebooks and it would be useful not to see the notes in them most of the time.

Thanks for the suggestion that made me think of a way round it!

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