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(Archived) Feature Request - Word wrap on images

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A number of the images that I'm attaching to notes in my current project are tall, rather than wide (we're talking about a 4:1 ratio here). This results in a rather large amount of wasted "whitespace" that's plain annoying on screen and also incredibly wasteful when printing notes.

I'd like the ability to turn on "word wrapping" for selected images so that text after the insert point flows around (either on left or right) the image in order to save screen space and paper.

Now, I realise that this is not something that everyone one would want and that's why I suggest that it be "off" by default. It should be something that you turn on (probably via a right-click context menu on desktop systems). That way, it wouldn't mess up anyone's notes if the feature was actually implemented.

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This is an excellent suggestion, and I heartily second it. My notes with images look clunky without any text-wrapping functionality, as there is just too much wasted, white space.

I would love to see an Evernote update that offers the possibility of wrapping text around images.

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I have just started using Evernote and I am loving it so far but my only gripe is that there is no image options regarding word wrap or placement of images. I am using Evernote to keep my family recipes in one place that I can access anywhere and I always have pictures of the finished product or in some cases a visual step by step of the recipe. So a word wrap option would be very handy so I don't waste so much space! Even if there was a "send back" or "bring to front" option for the image would be great.

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In some cases Image rotation might help, but I second the thought that for human reading, wrapping text around images is better and I'd really like that to be added to the great features of Evernote!

Obviously on all platforms (I'm using Evernote on Mac OS-X, iPhone. iPad as well as Windows).



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