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(Archived) Some questions about Evernote

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I have Evernote (free) on several different PC's and use it to basically keep up with info used on various systems, like some procedures to vpn into work, etc. I have a couple questions about using it that I haven't stumbled on in the documentation.

Before becoming familiar with Evernote (the free version) I tried to synch a spreadsheet into it, which requires the premium version. It's advised me of it & the fact I'll need to upgrade to push a spreadsheet to it (which I don't want to do now). However, it reminds me each time I open Evernote from that same machine, and I cannot make it stop reminding/prompting me to do this.

Is there a way to make it stop prompting/reminding/nagging about that one file?

Second question - I have some tables in various notebooks that change periodically. Is there an easy way to sort the contents of those tables within Evernote? If not, what's the easiest way to take them out of an evernote table, sort them & replace the contents?



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Not sure about Q1, may be worth opening a support case.

Q2 - Table support is currently very lightweight, there is no sorting. Getting data out (on a Mac at least) is not much fun either.

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Is there a way to make it stop prompting/reminding/nagging about that one file?

Remove the import folder you set up. EN keeps trying to import the file b/c it's in a folder you set up as an import folder. Or remove the file from the import folder.

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