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(Archived) Version history?



I looked every place I could think of, including your blog, and I couldn't find a concise history of software versions showing new features, bugs fixed, etc.

This seems to be fairly standard practice among most software vendors and I'd love to see it available (in a non-hidden location) on Evernote's site. What's the chance?

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Yes, it is standard practice for many software programs, but not for Evernote.

What I do is make a screen capture of the updates for each version and store it in Evernote. This allows me to see the history of all my updates - installation date and time along with a brief description of what was changed. so I have a short summary followed by the screen capture.

  • Evernote version information - (150254) Prerelease 05/31/2011 11:11 AM
    Firefox 4.01
    Firefox Evernote Clipper
    Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
    Search Reference Code GQ8WQ75T

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But, don't ask me to explain what some of the Release Notes improvements actually mean.

For instance, I do not know what Evernote means when they say they "Added support"

  • Added support for note links
    Added support for browsing back and forth on the search and browse history in the main and single note view
    Added support for copying notes

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Thanks, jbenson2.

Would you consider putting your screen captures in a shared, public notebook?

I love Evernote but this is just lame, if I may say so. It's almost like the developers are afraid of being held accountable for changes they make ("Oh, did we say we had fixed Bug X? Sorry, we didn't really mean it.")

Documentation obviously isn't their strong suit. I recall a while back looking high and low for information on some of the big new features, and it turned out that the ONLY place they were documented was in their blog. Shucks, why didn't I think to look there?

It's not like it would be a huge project to maintain a release history.

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Thanks, jbenson2.

Would you consider putting your screen captures in a shared, public notebook?...

Pretty please, Jbenson2?

I need to look up something I saw in an update -- a feature I thought they said they added. It would also help with tracking down problems and knowing what version to revert to.

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My screen captures (52 individual notes) are for the Windows upgrades, so they won't be very helpful.

Here is an example of Windows (219368) Prerelease


On the Mac, do you have the option >Help >Release Notes ?

That will give you some info. Unforrtunately the descriptions are quite short.

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