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(Archived) Feature Request - Notebook Data sorting/shuffling

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I realise that this may be a feature that no one else may need/use/require but I felt there's no harm in talking up!

I am a great fan of Evernote, using it for many different tasks including one over the past few weeks of Exam study. While I admit the task itself is not what Evernote is "for", but I would select parts of text (or paraphrase) and simply dump it straight into an Evernote Notebook. No need for tags etc since I knew everything i put in this folder would be review material for the exam.

If you view a notebook you obviously get a list of all the notes. What I wished to do was "shuffle" these notes about, grouping certain topics together - Note that the topics might only have 2 notes within and there may be 30+ topics so tag use was a waste of time.


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