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(Archived) Question about Premium service (auto-updated .doc files?)

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Hi, I'm a new Evernote user (free service) and thinking of updating to premium service.

I'm not sure I understand all the features of Evernote.

I would like to know how EN handles Microsoft .doc files if I import them to Evernote.

Let's say I create a new doc file with Microsoft Office and then save it to my desktop.

Then I drag & drop the .doc file into Evernote and it gets processed.

Now for my questions:

1: If I make changes to the text of the .doc file in Evernote, will the original .doc file also be updated with the new text?

2: If I make changes to the original .doc file (using Microsoft Office), will the corresponding note in Evernote also be updated automatically?

3: What about image files?

4: And .pdf & .txt files?

All questions are basically about whether & how the original files and the corresponding notes in Evernote are linked. I'm curious if it's basic linking & processing or if there's some kind of auto-update feature when an original file is edited outside of Evernote.

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Simple really, drag the file into Evernote - next time you open the Evernote version and save it, the Evernote version will be saved. Any other version on your system will not be updated.

Same applies to all file types.

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