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(Archived) Version 2.2 Beta 3 (151504)



I installed 2.2 Beta 3 this morning, and was delighted to see the back and forward buttons.

This afternoon I decided to see it will now correctly display all the notes with a certain tag, so I opened the tag list in the left hand column and clicked on a tag that had just a handful of notes, so it would be easy to see if they were all showing up. On about the third tag, everything locked up completely. I quit Evernote and started it up again. I had to go to "new Evernote window" in the menu to get a window, but it's still frozen.

(This is a bug report rather than a request for assistance - though that might come later!)

Update: Restarting didn't help. I reinstalled Evernote from the web-site, then updated to the beta again (I didn't want to go back to life without note links and all the other recent goodies). It seems to be working OK now, although the problem I was looking into when it all fell apart is still there — I click on a tag that says (4) and only one note shows up.

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For those who have NOT upgraded to the new Beta, but are interested, here are the changes as provided in the Release Notes:

Version 2.2 Beta 3 (06/03/2011) build 151504

* New Back/Forward navigation controls in toolbar, View menu.

* Mixed View has changed to Snippet View.

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I got rid of all the other windows, and moved the Evernote one to check it wasn't hiding behind that one. I couldn't find it. But I quit Evernote and restarted, and it's working normally now.

Have you found a keyboard shortcut for going back and forward between notes? I automatically tried to use backspace which, of course, just deleted my note :oops: .

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I haven't found a shortcut and the OS X version doesn't have the same history features as the Windows back and forward buttons...

(your note is in the trash :) )

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Thank you - I've used backspace often thinking I was going to edit the note, then realised that the focus was on the list and not in the note contents, so digging them out of the trash is pretty much part of the day to day operation of Evernote for me :).

I'm not sure what the Windows back and forward options are, because I've not used EN for Win, but the buttons that this beta has added do pretty much what you'd want. It's particularly useful when a search has taken you to a note well down the list. Instead of clearing the search and then having to get back to the top of the list, you can just click "back" and get there in one step. I hope it gets a shortcut one day - for now, it's fun to keep finding these new additions turning up all the time.

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I haven't found a shortcut and the OS X version doesn't have the same history features as the Windows back and forward buttons...)

Please allow me to make some corrections:

1. Mac Shortcut Keys for Navigation (shown on the View menu):

  • [*:3aoww580]Back: CMD-[
    [*:3aoww580]Forward: CMD-]

2. Note History List

  • [*:3aoww580]July like EN Win, click and hold on the Back or Forward button
    [*:3aoww580]The list of Notes recently viewed will be listed

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