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(Archived) love snippet view and the new clipper



Since switching to mac 6 months ago, I've learned of over a dozen note taking programs. I've been an Evernote user for several years (premium for 3), and I have no plans to change. One of the best features EN sports is multi-platform. I have a personal mac, a work pc, android phone, ipod touch, and my wife has an ipad. EN is on all of them. And if any of those aren't with me, I can hit EN on the web. Thanks!

I just installed the latest beta, and I really like the new snippet view. In particular, I like how the note text is grayed to provide a bit of contrast between the note titles. The web clipper is awesome - I used to use the Chrome Reader plugin to get a printer friendly view, then clip that, but now the EN clipper does it all in one step.

Thanks for doing such great work!!

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