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(Archived) Feature Request: Picture Handling

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As part of a recent project I now have 24 small, low-res pictures that I want to file away. I may need to refer to one or more again, so I need a way to see what each picture contains. I don't want to file these in my photo-library software because they're not my shots / not very good quality / too far away from the other information on this project / I may need to share them with others. If I add these files to one note, I'll get a very long note with images end-to-end and no easy way to look at a larger version.

So: Dear EN Guys, how about a gallery option for storing pictures (under ~Tools ~Options ~General)* that will show thumbnails of the pics I upload, linking to the "full" file so I can open it up to see details?

* or maybe add a new note type of "gallery" so I can still see the pics in web pages and other cuttings, but also get my gallery when I need it..

Anyway another one for the possible "to do" list..

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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