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(Archived) Feature Request: Annotate Embedded PDF pages



I think it's cool I can add PDFs into Evernote Notes and have them look exactly as presented. But I would love the ability to annotate those files in the Note, Change Font Color or highlight etc Also I see that I can copy text from a PDF but the copied text doesn't then match the text style of the note.

Can either of those things be done?

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EN are in the business of making it easy to store and find stuff, but don't want to reinvent any wheels like spreadsheeting, word processing (apart from the minimum needed to produce a stylish looking Note), or picture editing - or at least that's my impression.

Don't think therefore that they'll consider breaking into a PDF file and reformatting it with extra bits added - ie creating a PDF editor. It's easy enough, if you have stand-alone PDF software and the desktop client, to double-click the file, open it in your installed third-party software, make your changes, and save it back. The edits will appear in your note. You could also add (or paste) plain text comments in the note before, after or beside the file.

A work-around for more detailed notes on single pages out of lots might be to split the PDF file up and save pages as separate notes.

If I password-protect the PDF (nice option for additional security) I put an exec summary of the content in the note with it to help my creaky memory.

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I agree they probably don't want to do more editing of PDFs etc... I have Acrobat so I can go that route when I need to capture and edit. With the PDFs placed nicely in the note they often times are very hard to see (text too small) and there is no Zoom function. It would be nice if the file link location would also be added to the note so that If I wanted to see the actual PDF I could just click a file marker from there.

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