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(Archived) 50 entries per notebook

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I'm unsure of the vernacular but one of my notebooks seems to have maxed out at 50 notes. I've searched the forum and looked at preferences in the software to see if this can be change but no luck. Is this a fixed parameter or can it be changed? If it's fixed I guess my only option would be to create a 2nd notebook with the same name? Notebook.2


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There are no limits on the number of notes per notebook ... all of the relevant limits are for the entire account.

Where are you seeing this error? E.g. in the Mac client, the Windows client, or on the web UI?

Could you provide more details on the error message you are seeing?


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It's on a Windows client. It's my first notebook to reach 50 so I've just started encountering the problem. That being said, I think I've been able to recreate the problem. This is happening on discussion forums in Amazon when I try indexing the entire page. It appears there may be too much to capture so it "gives up"

When I isolate the exact words I want capture it seems to be keeping the entries.

Maybe the problem is that certain pages are too big although this is the first time I've encountered this having captured many pages.

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The maximum size of a note is very large, but you may want to try selecting just the part of the page you want to keep before you web clip. This will get rid of all of the parts of the web page that you don't care about.

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