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(Archived) Feature request regarding Stacks

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I love to use Stacks to organize my notes, but the feature is far too hidden, making it quite a process to create them. Please make it much easier to create Stacks in the following ways:

  • 1. Allow me to create a new stack whenever I want. Currently I first have to create all the notebooks that will make up a stack before I can create the stack itself. For me this is counter intuitive. I would much rather create a stack, select it, and then any notebooks I create thereafter automatically appear within the selected stack. Of course it's nice to be able to work both ways sometimes, so please give us this flexibility.

  • 2. Add New Stack to the File menu.

  • 3. Add New Stack to the Add (+) menu at the bottom of the Notebooks column.

Thanks for your consideration

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You don't say which client you are using, but on a Mac you can create a Stack by dragging one notebook onto another. You can then add other notebooks to your Stack whenever you like, there is no need to do a load of preparation.

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I'm using the Mac version and have been using the feature you mention for quite some time. It's very useful for reorganizing notebooks you've already created. The point I'm trying to make in my initial post is that there should be other ways to create stacks as well. This way a user can create stacks before creating notebooks, which I would find very useful. Also, I had no idea stacks even existed until I created a few notebooks. It was by accident that I discovered that I can drag notebooks into each other to create stacks. I later found that I could also right-click a notebook to add it to a stack. If the New Stack option were in the File menu and the Add (+) menu, it would be immediately evident to new and existing users that it's possible to create stacks.

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