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I'm guess that Laura means on iOS. I'm also guessing that it is quicker to load each note in view mode than it is to load in edit view and that may be the reationale behind the design.

Certainly, when I'm mobile - I'm viewing more than editing so it doesn't annoy me.

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cshilling, do you mean they are editable when you go to them, or after you manually switch to the edit mode? I've forgotten the person's name who suggested loading time might be the rationale, but that's the kind of thing I was trying to work out. That seems a likely reason. But, ahhh... I get so annoyed because I have finally scrolled all the way down to the note I want to add to and guess what? It stubbornly does not do anything, nor say anything and then eventually I figure out I need to scroll all the way back up and click edit, then scroll back down again to finally start editing. I know I sound like a big whiner (and also one who doesn't adapt easily) but I'm OLD! and it's frustrating. Not to mention the time it takes to even get to the note, sometimes. I maybe preferred OneNote which I never had an issue with and found very handy. But I will (good trooper) carry on...Thanks for the responses.

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