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(Archived) Note History: Issues Viewing & Importing

Viv Ilo Veith


Last night I went to copy the subject line of a note and accidentally pasted in something instead - deleting the title of the note. I realized my mistake immediately but could not seem to undo it. I opened note history and it showed only the modified version. I looked on the web and can only see the same one too. The note says: Created:Tuesday, May 10 2011, 6:28 PM Modified:Tuesday, May 31 2011, 6:22 PM but I can only access the version modified yesterday. I cannot access the correct version to import it. It simply does not show and the only note that will import/export is the one with a paragraph for a subject line.

This is the second time I have had something like this happen. With the current note - I can easily retype the subject line in but last time I lost valuable content. I want to get the history working right. Additionally, I am teaching a class next week on how to use Evernote so want to make sure I can show how History can be used. Either I am not understanding how to make Note History work or it is not working.

Lastly, on the new Web Interface I cannot see where to find the Note History on a note. I had to "Switch to the Old Evernote" to see the "View History".

I am a Premium User Evernote Mac 2.0.5 (also iPhone and Web User)

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Note history is updated every 8 hours or so, not every time you make a change.

Note history is not yet supported on the 'new' version of the web app, but will be soon.

If you think it isn't behaving correctly then the best bet is probably to open a support case.

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I understand that it is updated every 8 hours. That is very clear in all of the Evernote information and has been repeated many times on this forum. But it does not address my question unless you are saying that what the note looked like on May 30th is gone. If so, that is called "Saving" the most recent version and having the early information gone forever. That is not making a note "History" at all. I thought the idea of note history is to be able to import or export an older note when a mistake is made to a note.

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