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(Archived) still no Safari clipper

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It’s been months now since I last had an elephant in my Safari toolbar. The clipper will not stay in the toolbar. It can be placed there with “Customize Toolbar...” but it always disappears again after an app relaunch.

This is becoming tiresome. I depend on clipping!

I have 1Password installed as well (doesn’t everyone?) but otherwise my Safari is totally stock.

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I found the solution. There is a setting in Preferences > Clipping you have to check. (See screenshot).


If you do that when you restart Safari the Evernote web clipper icon returns.


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I have checked, unchecked, and rechecked that box, and restarted Safari 3-4 times, but I can't get the web clipper button to reappear.

Using Safari Version 5.0.5 (6533.21.1). Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8).

Any help out there?


I'm using the same Safari version and same Snow Leopard version as you and the Safari clipper sticks when that option is selected, so I'm afraid I have no suggestions. I hope somebody else does.


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I'm not sure - there used to be lots of problems with them playing together. But most of these seem to have gone away now - worth checking if the latest and greatest of both fixes the problem.

Are you running any other Safari extensions?

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Has anyone been able to resolve this? I've run into exactly the same problem; evernote icon simply disappears from Safari and I can't add it back. I've trashed/reinstalled it, checked the evernote clipping preference for Safari, etc.

I do not use 1Password.

I have not upgraded to Lion

I've been using this setup for 9 months.


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Yes, the old webclipper plugin is gone. Until a new one comes along, you can use the webclipper bookmarklet. Go to the webclipper page:


Up at the top, click and drag up onto your bookmark bar the little green box and text that says "Drag this to your link bar". When you see a green ball with a white plus sign in it, you can let go. Then you'll be prompted to change the name of the bookmarklet, if you want to. Click OK and there it is.

The issue appears to be that the defunct plugin was written with the WebKit API, while (oddly enough) only plugins written with the Netscape API will still work in Safari 5.1. This is a security improvement, however inconvenient one may find it. I should think that it won't be too long before there is a new plugin or extension available.

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This happened to me today. My icon disappeared from my tool bar. I checked the preferences button for adding plugins but it didn't help. I'm using up to date Snow Leopard, which I just updated today, another goofed up security "fix" I guess. I'll try the suggestion above for the temp installation.

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