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(Archived) Scanner with multi feeder and flat face recommendation

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Lexmark 850 pro

It has a bad and auto feeder. It can be operated totally wirelessly after setup no computer need to scan. (need witless network).

It has "app" type things that uses the Internet. Evernote is one of them. It basically just emails the document to your Evernote account and ya can't easily send to particular folders, tags etc.

Thats one CON. The other is that it's only one sided scanning.

I use it regularly though and am happy with it.

It IS a few years old and you would have to buy the current version from Lexmark.

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On this particular query - a little lateral thinking may be indicated: ie are you scanning a whole book or just pages?

If a whole book (and you own it) - remove binding, separate pages, use ADF; if you don't own it - check Amazon or bittorrent sites. You can probably buy a cheap copy or download an existing PDF.

If you're only interested in single, or a few, pages - use a 'phone or a reasonable quality digital camera. It's easier to snap a picture of a page without straining the binding to get a flat(ish) surface.

If you're just inputting single documents as you work on them, a digital picture is far quicker than most scanners. Plus you can focus on specific parts of a page / deal with weird orientation etc.

Be creative!

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I use a Canon MX860. It's one of those multi-function wireless types. I have a flatbed scanner and multi-feed. With the multi-feed I can scan more than one page into a note in Evernote. I also have some one-click settings where I have one set to scan directly into Evernote. On my previous HP all-in-one, I was able to create a setting right on my printer/scanner to scan things into EN but I could only do one page at a time. This one has the custom setting on my computer but it works flawlessly.

My only problem with the printer was the initial set-up. I have a mac and the instructions are more for pc and I had to find another person's detailed instruction online and then work it out from there >:| A newer model might have this problem solved.

If I could afford it I'd get a Fujitsu ScanSnap for my desktop.

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