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(Archived) Scanning Multiple Pages into One Note

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Hi All:

I'm brand new to Evernote.

Is there a way that I can scan multiple pages into one note instead of each page creating a brand new note. I am trying to capture research from books I am reading and sometimes I must copy multiple pages from a book and I need them to be accessible in order when I retrieve them, currently I am copying them on a copy machine and stapling them together and placing them in a manila folder --I am hoping to change this tree killing habit :). --Roger

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More info is needed. But yes, you can most certainly copy multiple pages to EN.

It depends on how you are doing it.

My Lexmark Scanner 850 Pro can scan many pages through the autofeeder or bed and be sent to EN as on document.

You can use iPhone apps like JotNot Pro to scan pages with the camera and create PDFs. Cheaper than using a copy machine and makes pretty darn good PDFs. (assuming you have good lighting)


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Thanks for the input.

Do you guys have a recommendation for a good scanner that has both a mutli-page feeder and also a flat screen (as I will be scanning many book pages that won't fit into the feeder) which will scan directly into evernote?

Presently I am attempting to use HPOfficejet J4680 and HP DeskJet F4480 printer/copier/scanner and it has been frustrating to say the least.

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