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I've switched from a PC to a Mac and would like to use my OneNote files on Evernote (OneNote is not available for the Mac). I've heard that it's possible to import OneNote Notebooks, but I don't see how it's done.

I'm running Parallels on OSX, I have the more recent (as of today) Evernote installed, and I run OneNote 2010 on the Windows 7 side of my Mac. I can't find an "import wizard" on Evernote that people refer to, and the Settings in Evernote only offer to import from Google Notebook.

Is there a way that I can get my onepkg file into Evernote without copying and pasting? (I have over 400 pages on OneNote and would prefer not to copy and paste each one!)

Thanks for your help.

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As I understand it (and I've never seen it..) in the Windows version of Evernote there is an option to import from Onenote. Probably in the File menu.

Indeed, you are correct, though I've never used it. File / Import / Microsoft OneNote. Further forum search would probably be helpful.

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Since it's not supported on the Mac, you'd need to somehow get a Windows version running and do the import from there. I think that forum search will help you; I seem to recall the scenario being discussed.

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I was able to successfully export my OneNote files to an .enex file which I then imported into Evernote for Windows which I was then able to sync with Evernote for Mac. This feature wasn't available a month or two ago but obviously has apparently now been added. Thanks!!

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Did you ever find a solution for this? I was told by Evernote a month or so ago that they were going to come up with a solution to import notes from OneNote but I've heard nothing back about this for a long time. I have hundreds of recipes I want to move over but no solution. I don't want to copy and paste each one in because they'll come in as an image and not editable or searchable.

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