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(Archived) how to recover 5 lost notes



Hi I am using evernote on macbook Air

I accessed the software evernote, clicked on a note and then hit mistakingly the <- button to get up to previous notes (like to jump back from cells in excell).

Unfortunatly I realized that the <- doesn't jump back but deletes the notes without any warning or confirmation being asked.

The dram is that in one of the 5 deleted notes, I have some contact datas for upcoming meetings.

Can someone help me recover these 5 notes which seem nowhere to be found since my total list shrinked from 57 to 52 :cry:

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that sounds promising Phil, but I don't know what is a client. Is it the same thing as the software? I don't see no trash folder in it.

Could you please be more specific about where i could find this magic trash folder?

Many thanks in advance! and sorry for being so ignorant but it is also my 1st time in a forum ;-)

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You should be able to recover the deleted notes by looking in the trash folder within your Evernote client on your MAC.

could you be more specific about where is the trash folder in the evernote client? or where is the client ? is it the application itself or something else but where?

Many thenks in advance!

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