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(Archived) Templates?? Are they dead?

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I must be missing something. I've been looking for a project template and I've searched high and low. There are lots of posts and topics on blogs but they're all pretty old. What am I missing? Did EN do away with the template editor? And if they didn't, is there an easier way to get a template? :)

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That would make sense BnF.

I saw the post about the beta version out. I was considering downloading it. Not sure though. I may just wait until the rc. It's good to know it's in there though.

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The new Copy Note command is deceptively simple. It works perfectly for me for templates. I now have a Templates notebook. When I need a template, I go there, highlight the note I want to use as a template, and Copy Note. Ba-bam.

What kind of "templates" do you have in your folder? Evernote (I'm on a Mac) doesn't allow for styles, does it? I'd like to take notes (like for class) in the program, but I like the easy ability of Microsoft Word to add heads, subheads, etc. I also like to format my text so it has space after a paragraph, uses a specific font, etc. Evernote seems to be a little clunky in the "format on the fly" department... I'm a graphic designer by trade and I like my heads to be consistent sizes and colors throughout the note without my having to remember what I set it up as last time.

Thanks for your ideas!

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With the best will in the world, the Evernote Mac editor is clunky and buggy. If you are looking for a consistent experience then I suggest you stick with a word processor or other editor for the time being.

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