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(Archived) copying notes into a different folder?



Is there a simple way to copy a note into a different folder, so that you have the same note in two folders? Let's say I have a doctor's statement and I file it in a folder called Doctor Statements. Then let's say I want to copy it to a folder called Tax Deductible? Is there a way to do that?



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To clarify a bit:

* You cannot have the same note in two separate notebooks; however...

* ...you can have two copies of the same note in one or more notebooks. In this case, if you change one, any other copies do not change.

* You can create a link in a note to another note, so you can navigate to one single note from any of a number of other notes.

* Finally, you can tag a single note with a tag called, say, "DoctorStatements" and another called "TaxDeductible".

The last is what I would consider to be more in line with what I think of as "the Evernote Way", but of course it's really up to you to determine which method works best for you.

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