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(Archived) How do I link to (not copy) a web page?

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I would like to create a note starting with a link in the note to a web page (not a copy of the web page as one normally gets by clipping it). I see that some times (but not always?) there is a "click to set source URL" button at the top of each existing note, but that seems rather clumsy. Is there a way to do this from my web browser (Firefox) without having to explicitly copy the URL, create a note, click the "click to set source URL", and paste the URL?

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This can be done if you direct the firefox clipper addon to the web version. Then there is an option to just have the link, and not the actual content of the page.

Um, yeah, I guess that's sort of OK. It means reconfiguring the Firefox clipper addon to save to the web instead of saving to the application that I already have running on my workstation. Clearly the option to save only the URL should be added to the mechanism for clipping to the local application.

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It is included (as the source) whenever you clip the page, but if you don't want the content...

Another method, I have just discovered :D is to drag the favicon (e.g. here it is the green E at the top) into the EN window. this creates a note with just the link in ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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