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(Archived) Feature request: outline format in numbered lists

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I use the numbered list feature on my Mac (OS10.6.7) quite a bit when creating short notes that contain a series of ideas and sub-ideas. Indentation with TAB works fine to create sub-levels, in a quasi-outline format, even to go back up levels with shift-TAB. However, I find it irritating that the indents merely re-use the simple arabic numbering (1,2,3, etc.), no matter what the sub-level. This makes it harder to read through the list and keep track of the sub-levels. Thus, it would be most helpful if the numbered list mechanism would automatically alternate between different symbols as one creates deeper sub-levels. Here's an example from MS Word, using numbered lists in Notebook layout format, in which only 3 sets of symbols alternate to achieve at least a modicum of differentiation:

1. Blb

a. Dobla

i. Llll

1. Etc.

a. Lala

This is not a completely classical outline format, that includes Roman numerals and capital letters, but it gets the job done when I'm taking longer notes on my laptop, e.g., recording meeting minutes. I wouldn't consider using Evernote for this kind of note taking, given its current limitations for list making.

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