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(Archived) [Feature Request]: Apply Tags after selecting all

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The way that Chrome Extension handle tagging is really good; it's really useful when you want to more than one tags for a note. In Evernote Windows, after selecting each tag the tag apply to the note and you have to select another tag for it. I think that the Chrome Extension tags assignment is really better. The problem appear when you want to tag some note in Saved Search for example -tag:* (which use in GTD system) after you select one tag the note disappear from the Inbox, but if it possible to apply tags after selecting all of them. This will note happen.

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Basically, a saved search (or any search for that matter) sets a filter on the note list. Changing a note's tag may cause the note to not meet the current note list filter, so it "disappears". You didn't say which Evernote client you are using, but on the Windows desktop client, you can select one or more notes and tag them using the Assign Tags operation (Ctrl + Alt + T).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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