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(Archived) Using camera to capture receipts for accountant, help


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I was in LOVE with taking pictures of any receipt I get with my HTC Evo high res phone camera, just snap a pic, tag it and upload to Evernote. I thought it was great!

But when I email the pictures from Evernote to the accountant it is a mess. The images are HUGE on the screen, it takes forever to scroll across the screen and find where the receipt is from, then forever to find the amount somewhere else on the receipt, etc. There is no way with thousands of receipts he would ever have time to go through them like that.

Do you guys somehow resize the images, or share them with the accountant in some other way?

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I use NeatReceipts on daily basis. It creates a database of the information from each receipt.

To keep Evernote up to date, at the start of each month, I import the previous month's receipts into Evernote. If I used an accountant, I could forward a duplicate to the accountant. The accountant could use just the database data.

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Sounds like a case for gentle education of your Accountant.. If you open a pic from an email, It will open in the default editor on your own system, or in a browser window. In either case, unless you have set other options you'll get a default ENORmous image. Were I the accountant, I'd move all images from email to a folder, and use a picture editor like Google's free Picassa to look through them. Picassa gives you a thumbnail pic of each item and makes it easy to look at each picture in a folder at variable magnification. It'll handle 10 megapixel shots from my camera @ 2MB per picture, so I'm sure it will handle output from a camera phone. There are probably lots of other options out there. Unless your accountant has some basic tech savvy on pictures there's no real way you can feed him receipt data that he is guaranteed to be able to process.

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I use NeatWorks to scan my receipts. But no way our accountant wants all our receipts for groceries, gas, dining, etc. I typically provide him amounts (retrieved from Quicken, where I categorize the charges.) If he (or the IRS, in the event we are ever audited) need to see them, I can provide them from Neatreceipts/Neatworks.

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