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(Archived) Will there be a recycle bin for evernote



I was giving a friend my iPad to play games on it and he stupily loged onto my evernot account and deleted half the notes not knowing there is no recovery for it. I tried to see if i could recover it on my computer but it already sycned with my ipad making me lose a bunch of notes from all of my classes. I have a report due in two weeks and I had to stay after school now just to retype all the notes :) . Im wondering if evernote will have a recycle bin where it shows all your deleted data and asks you if it will recover it?

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Hi chickeman,

If you use a desktop version of Evernote, or the web version, you can find your deleted notes in the "Trash" (usually in the bottom left of the screen).

You can then restore these notes by clicking "restore", or by clicking and dragging them into a notebook.


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