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(Archived) URL of shared notes

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I have a notebook that is shared with other people and would like to send the URL of the shared note to them in an email. I know I could just email the entire note but in this case I'd rather just send them the link. Getting the link for a non-shared note is easy enough but not sure how to get the link of the shared note. If I copy the link from the web address and send that, it doesn't work for the other person.

Anyway, is this possible? I think I saw something about the new Windows client where you could get a client note URL such as "evernote\\:noteid", so maybe this feature is coming?



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The URL of just one shared note can be found, but it depends on which client you are using


Right click the note --> Share


Web version:

Click the share drop down button


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Thanks for the response. When I do that the note gets shared publicly to everybody, and that isn't my intent. The situation is that a notebook is shared with me and a few others. I now want to create a link to a note in that shared notebook, and send that to somebody else (who also has access to the shared notebook).

Basically there's a group of us who are using a single notebook from another account, and that notebook is shared to all of us. When we want to refer to a particular note in that notebook, I don't see a way to get a link to that note (without sharing the note publicly to everybody in the world).



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What you are looking for is the copy note link function then...

I just tried this with the shared help notebook, and copied a note link, then emailed a note with the link inside to myself.

It works, the note is sent as a link, and the link then works when clicking it.

AFAIK the note link feature is only available in a beta of the windows (and possibly mac? Don't have one...) All the other ones need updating for it to work.

(Aside: Note links sort of work in iOS - They open EN, but not the note...)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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