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(Archived) Teach me to use the crosshairs, please!



I have Evernote for Safari installed. The Elephant icon is in my MacOSX menu bar. No matter in which browser I try to use it (or other screen app), the crosshairs behave in the same manner. That is, the tooltip suggests that I may draw a rectangle around the portion of the screen I wish to clip to a note.

Yet, no matter what I do (e.g., hold down control, hold down option, hold down command) while moving my cursor: the center of the crosshair moves with my cursor. Further, when I tap enter on my trackpad, invariably, a full shot of the app is taken as the content of the note.

I cannot detect, from the Help file, a manner in which to draw a rectangle. I would expect to be able to set one corner, move my cursor, then click the other corner diagonally opposite! (Perhaps enlarging or shrinking to adjust for fat-fingering...)

What is the purpose of the crosshairs, and which quadrant of the crosshairs is supposed to have meaning (if any)? :D

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Put the crosshairs at the top left of the area you want to click, then hold down the left click button of your mouse or your trackpad and drag away (to the right and down) to create a rectangle that will be clipped into a new note when you release the left click.

(not that hard....)

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