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As I find more and more uses for Evernote, I'm finding I have to launch less other programs. On of the things I've used Evernote for is simple 'deep storage' of files. I'll throw a bunch of older files in folder, compress and encrypt them into a disk image, than drag that to a new note with a list of all the contents as text. This is a great way for storage of rarely used files... but it really doesn't save me any HD space. Indeed, it bulks up the Evernote cache on all my computers synced to that account. Is there a way to make files 'for cloud only' and put them up to Evernote. This would be a great way to store backups and such securely offsite, but not clog up my own systems.

If this can't be done, has It been considered as a possible feature in the future? I know that is kind of outside the normal usage spec, but it may encourage more premium users.

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I like your thinking, however I kind of do the same thing as you've described, but I use DropBox for that purpose. I like thinking of Evernote as a repository of things I need to access or reference to. Storing little used files would be best served on a true cloud-based app like DropBox. Still accessible via web, from any computer, as well as mobile. What do you think?

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Thanks for the replies. I have dropbox as well, but the limit on dropbox is the amount you have in the cloud where the limit on evernote is the amount uploaded - so I can store more in Evernote. And neither really eliminate the need for a local copy. And Evernote is still better because I can make a searchable index in the text of the note.

I would use the web only, but I use Evernote for EVERYTHING now. In fact, I've remapped text files to open in Evernote rather than Textedit (I only sync every hour, so plenty of time to delete if not something I want to keep.)

Maybe I could open a second account and use it web only.... I couldn't afford two premiums, but as second just for the cloud might be cool.

Thanks anyway.

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I use Evernote for EVERYTHING now.

Heh, heh. Welcome to the club. I ended up having to get the 50 gb Dropbox account b/c my Evernote database exceeds 5 gb. While that's not a problem for local backups of the EN database, Jungle Disk (my cloud backup app of choice) limits files to 5 gb. :shock: I have SO much in Evernote (including some local notebooks that aren't synced to the EN servers) that in the event of something catastrophic where my computer & my fleet of hard drives is destroyed, I'll still have my backup in the cloud!

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Bummer. I just tried my own thought. It's been so long I've had a premium account I've forgotten what you CAN'T do on a standard. You can attach neither an Image file or anything over 25 to a standard account, so the 'web only' idea is not going to work. I'll have to wait until that feature comes about on it's own.

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I feel your pain. I love being able to throw anything and everything into EN and then magically find it later.

What might work would be to create a Notebook in lieu of a folder and then have each file be a separate note. You can drag a whole slew of files to EN at once, and it will create one note per file with the file name as the note Title. If you just need to "archive" it, it could be a local notebook, but that takes away one of the greatest features of Evernote (the cloud and the ability to sync).

What I'd love is the ability to Selective Sync notebooks.

I used JungleDisk as my cloud backup provider of choice for quite some time, but I got tired of the JD 2.0 buckets not playing well with any other S3 apps. I backup straight to S3 now with a mapped drive. Checkout Gladinet or CyberDuck.

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