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(Archived) Definition/purpose of author field?

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I have the Windows client installed on two computers & two netbooks. At one point in time, the author field was populated with the Windows login of the machine the note was created on. I didn't use this field (since I'm the only one creating notes in my EN account) but I could see where some people may want to filter notes by what computer it was created on. IE, I know it was a note created ~last September on my netbook. That seems to no longer be the case, at least on the Windows client?

What I really, really like, though is that when my EN account receives incoming emails, the author field is populated with the sender's info. That is very cool - thank you!

So my question is, was populating the author field in the Windows 4.x client an intentional omission?

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The latest mac client seems to populate the Author field when an email is sent in. The rest of my notes don't have anything in the Author field - this probably doesn't help you at all does it?!!?

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:lol: Well, it confirms that the Mac client is doing what the 4.x Windows client is doing...which tends to confirm EN has decided to not populate the author field with anything indicating which Mac/Windows computer was the source of a note that's not emailed into the EN account. (Hope that makes sense...) (As opposed to an unintentional omission in the Windows 4.x client.)
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