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(Archived) Repeatedly migrating notes from previous version



Everytime I start Evernote on my iMac I get a message in German which translates to "Migrating notes from previous versions....".

And next a window opens saying "Evernote processes your notes to find them again later. This may take a few minutes . You can click on Continue to use Evernote immediately. Your notes will be displayed once they are processed."

Looking for similar forum entries I found two where Dave Engbert suggests


(If you are unable to open Evernote at all, you may skip to step 2.)

If you have some important Local Only or unsynced notes, be sure to read the directions at the end of this email to safeguard your information. Otherwise please try the following:

Please try moving your Evernote database directory so that Evernote will regenerate a new local database by copying your notes back down from the service. To do this:

1. Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the menu bar.

2. In the finder, open the "Library" folder in your home directory. (This is in the directory with your name, NOT at the top level of your hard drive.)

3. Navigate to "Application Support"

4. Move the "Evernote" folder from that location to a different place (like the desktop)

5. Start Evernote, provide your username and password again if needed

This will synchronize all of your notes from the service and create a new local database.

*If you do have any Local Only notebooks, right-click the notebook name in the left-hand notebook pane and select "Export", then export the notebook to .enex format, exporting tags if desired. If you have some unsynchronized notes, you can go to the Note List view, sort by the "Sync" column, and export any notes that have a * in that column to .enex format before following the above instructions. Once those instructions are finished, you can then import the .enex files you created to restore these exported notes.

I followed this advice, but it does not rectify the problems at all.

What else could I do now?

I'm using Evernote Version 2.1.1 (146398) on an iMac running Mac OSX 10.6.7.

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Same thing here. This was the case with version 3 and also with all 4 versions. I have done everything as described, deleted the database and reinstalled new. I also completely deleted and removed all Evernote related files and config files. Still no help. This happens mostly after rebooting the system and it happens regardless whether EN is shut down completely or not.

Using OSX 10.6

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Does EN support ever respond here?

I tried the above fix. It worked BUT only worked for the currently logged in session. After I rebooted, the dreaded "migrating notes from previous version" is back. This problem is NOT to do with the database being corrupted on LION I think it is more to do with LION's new auto-versioning features with which Evernote has not been properly tested.

I've luckily lost no data from this but it is rather annoying and hope to see EN team fix it soon.

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Does EN support ever respond here?

As has been stated a multitude of times on the board, this is a user's board. EN employees do read all the messages but do not reply to them all. Their participation is as time permits. If you want to deal directly with an EN employee, you should submit a support ticket. (See my sig.)

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Scratch that, after a reboot the "Migrating notes from previous version" bug has returned. Tried deleting the Evernote folder and letting it rebuild / resync again but to no avail, after a reboot the problem returns. Have reopened my support ticket with Evernote team.

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