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(Archived) Bug in 2.2.1 ?



While scanning a couple of pages with my Scansnap into Evernote today, the notes appeared as a blank icon in the notes list and as "unknown attachment with 0 Bytes content" the note detail window.

I've trashed them and later, when I opened the Evernote trash, they suddenly reverted to notes with a regular PDF attachment and the usual icon representing the first page.

Never had this in the thousands of pages feeded into Evernote so far. :-/


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I had the problem with the empty file attachments. They would be ok on the mobile version and the online version but the desktop version would carry the error. I was told to delete the data file for evernote then let it sync again which worked. Bit annoying but it hasn't happened again as of yet..

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Well, Evernote support told me, they think the problem would go away with a reinstall of the Mac client. They pointed me to the download link for 2.2.1

Did this and guess - the problem was still there.

The whole thing drove me nuts to the point, where I thought about abandoning Evernote and looking for alternative services.

I've disabled to search for betas a while ago, as a beta once did ***** my Evernote database. So as a last try, I upgraded to the latest beta today and believe it or not, the notes with empty attachments suddenly showed up as PDFs the way it should be.

So the data is actually in the Evernote database, which is a good thing, but the 2.2.1 client is unable to see it.

Crossing fingers it is really fixed and the 2.2.1 bug didn't corrupt the database in some other hidden ways. And of cause that the bug doesn't creep back into the next stable release.

Evernote should pull the 2.2.1 client immediately from their website and either rush for releasing the beta as stable or revert to the 2.2.0 version as stable.


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