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(Archived) Evernote for holidays

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Hi everyone,

during my last holiday in Europe I enjoyed using my iPhone and Evernote combined to replace my camera (I had forgotten it).

I actually found a very interesting way to use it. Instead of taking simple pictures I created notes to which pictures were attached. So far nothing special. What I really liked was to add comments to my pictures, for example explaining what I liked or why I took it. More interestingly, I was adding videos and sound. For example a night I was in a very cool Jazz club and I took pictures, I recorder the music in the background and commented on them.

Now the question.

Although it was very easy to take all these notes, now I haven't got any idea on a way to actually view them on my Mac.

Is there a way to create a kind of automatic presentation?

Alternatively any other idea would be really appreciated.


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EN does not have any presentation options.

I don't know Mac, but on Windows, if you double click the audio icon in the notes and have an appropriate app for that file type, the default app will be invoked & will open the file you double clicked.

If you want to make your own presentation with another software, you'll need to get the images/audio out of Evernote by either opening the attachment & saving as or exporting. If you want more info on the topic, you can search the board on 'export'.

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