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(Archived) List of gripes - poor sound quality, buggy text editor



1. The audio quality of the sound recordings is poor. I have extra space on my account, and I want to control the quality of the recording. This seems like a pretty reasonable request.

2. Paste without formatting should definitely be a default. I know it's "easy" to use the keystroke combo but I use that elsewhere.

3. The number one priority though, for me, is the text editor and the need to correct unexpected and unappreciated behaviors. If I have two pieces of selected and differently sized text, the font size should be none of the above. Also, changing the font to 14 should... change the font to 14. Take a look at TextEdit on a Mac, do usability studies, whatever. Just please, please fix the weird quirks of the text editor.

These factors are making me reconsider using Evernote.

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The absence of a response is not a good sign. The reasons I have given above, particularly #3 above, are why I no longer recommend Evernote to my clients. Also, I continue to look for an alternative to Evernote that does not have these problems. I am so sick of the font just randomly changing sizes on me....

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The evernote folks have been unresponsive to any number of complaints about their product. They completely destroyed the safari web clipper (Hello! You broke the freak's *user* interface!) and have failed to acknowledge the mistake or make a statement about direction.

I love this product. I need this product. And really want to see the company succeed. Unfortunately its product management team seems to be asleep at the wheel.

How hard is it to understand you don't take away functionality and then act like nothing happened?

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Search the forum a little and you'll see that Evernote were far from silent about the changes to the Safari web clipper. If you have a bit of a read you will see that changes that Apple made to Safari 5.1 broke the clipper. Evernote immediately advised that users switch to the bookmarklet or another browser. Since then, they have released a new clipper that contains much of the same functionality (no PDF capability so far).

This is a user forum, Evernote staff post on here as well which is great - one thing that never goes down well is melodrama.....

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