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(Archived) Browser Clippings _ Are they screenshots or links?



Hi, everyone.

I'm curious about the Safari (or Firefox) plugin for clippings. When I go to a website and click the clipping icon in the Safari browser, I notice the website becomes the note and the URL is saved. Awesome. Is Evernote saving a screenshot of the website or is it constantly linking to the website inside the note?

In other words, if the website were to shut down or if the URL were to be broken in the future, would I still have a screenshot of the website or would it show a possible 404 error inside the note? Thanks.


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TO amplify metrodon's answer a bit: the Evernote note that you clipped from the web site is derived from the HTML text that makes up the web page. It's a copy, and not a screen shot, and Evernote doesn't monitor changes to the page.

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Thanks for the info! Good to know. =)

I've noticed that the formatting is a bit whacky within Evernote after it saves certain webpages. Is there a reason Evernote can't maintain the format of certain pages?


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