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(Archived) Why have pdf?

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I know that Evernote has the capability to store and search through pdf files. Some questions:

1. Why would you need the ability to search through pdf files on Evernote?

2. Can you give me examples of how you use Evernote with pdf files?

3. Won't it slow down Evernote somewhat and make synching with an iphone a whole lot slower too?



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My son's school emails out a weekly "At A Glance" calendar as a PDF. I simply forward it to my Evernote acct, to a folder devoted to my son and his school, and I can refer to it for that week's events and schedule.

Also, I've found many computer, software and appliance user guides are online, available as pdf's. Again, I send to my EN, and they are always handy when I need them.

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...plus you can (on a computer at least)

- scan single pages/ pics to jpg, but multiple pages or collections to PDF

- click on a PDF image then page through the contents

- use a password on PDFs to secure the contents (it doesn't then show the document itself, just a PDF icon)

- allow EN to OCR your unsecured PDFs

- download the OCR text version of the document rather than the original (but expect some "interesting" grammaticals)

- doubleclick on the PDF icon / image to open the file in your PDF processor of choice

- search the EN database for the relevant bit of an (unsecured) instruction manual.. ie do a text search for "tyre pressure" to flip to the car handbook.

Hope that helps...


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1. Why would you need the ability to search through pdf files on Evernote?

If you have a bunch of academic paper PDFs saved in Evernote, it can be handy to be able to search them all in one go. Which was the paper that had that great description of obscure thing?

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