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(Archived) Trouble sharing with the Mac desktop version



I searched first but didn't see the same issue so here it goes.

I'm setting up a notebook to share as a test for work to collaborate with other Evernote users. I went to the shared section of the app and saw that all my notebooks showed up with a "start sharing" link next to them. Seems straight forward, I went back, created a new notebook, then went back to the sharing screen expecting it to show up and it's not there. I went back to the notebook screen, right clicked on the notebook, selected share notebook, nothing happens. I close the app completely, restart the app, refresh the sharing screen, still not there, only what was there the first time I loaded the screen shows up. Tried right clicking on the notebook itself and click share notebook and nothing, please help!

Also I saw some grumblings that shared notebooks may not show up on the iPad / iPhone, is that true? That would be a bummer since I'm trying to share with coworkers that only have iPads for the office.



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Shared notebooks don't appear yet on iOS devices - they will, but there is no date yet.

Is the new notebook you created a local or sync'd one?

If it's sync'd, when you right click on it and select Share Notebook, what happens?

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Bummer, oh well, until they add iOS support it won't really help me then.

Yes all of my notebooks are sync'd notebooks. When I right clicked on the notebook and clicked on share nothing happened, it just sat there, no window popped up or anything.

Kinda strange, it finally showed up, I didn't do anything. Now the new notebook is on the sharing screen and I have all of the sharing options.

Does it have to sync first before it can be shared? Maybe the sync wasn't working earlier even though I clicked sync and everything looked like it worked?


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