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(Archived) Version 2.2 Beta 1 (147280)-Copy Note Link in click context?



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For me, it shows up only when I click on the note title in the mixed view, but not when I click in the body of the note itself. In the list view, the link shows up, but is greyed out. Weird ...

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I understood you felix. It may be the intended behaviour, but it doesn't seem natural to me. I work most of the time in Mixed View and so when I select a note it is displayed. To me the obvious place to then click to create the link is in the note itself.

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Operations that apply to the entire note itself are in the context menu for the note in the list of notes. So "Export Note" is there, etc.

Operations that apply to some of the content of the note are available when you right-click within the body of a note.

This should be similar to how your mail client works ... you manipulate the entire mail message from the list of messages, and the context menu within the body of the email tends to be used for operations on some part of the content.

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Makes sense. Here's my use case....

I am working in a particular note and I realise that it will be useful to create a link to add to another note. I have to leave where I am working and move the mouse either to the list or the edit menu in order to create the link.

I shall now thank myself for the feedback!

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I agree with Dave that the most intuitive and consistent (with other apps) place to copy the note link is on the Note shown in a list of Notes, whether the view be "List View", "Mixed View", or "Thumbnail View".

However, I would request a small modification: When you right-click on the Note in a list view, do NOT make that Note be the current Note shown in the Note pane.

Use Case:

I have a master note in which I would like to enter links to a number of other notes.

So, I need to make the master note the current note shown in the note pane and then get the links to the other notes and paste into the master note.

Obviously if I want to add a link to another note in the current note, I do NOT want the current note to change.

Generally in most apps right-clicking on an object does NOT select the object, it just causes the popup context menu to be shown for that object.

IMO, it would make Evernote more intuitive and consistent with other apps to make it behave in this same way.


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