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(Archived) Evernote/Kindle/Twitter experience

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I searched and found a tutorial on linking twitter to get my highlighted notes from my Kindle to my Notebooks. Lots of steps that were new to me. Worked it out.

Disappointing. I went to my Evernote account and instead of the highlight - it's just a link! If I wanted a link I could just bookmark Amazon's site where they list my highlights.

I understand that there are limitations on hooking Evernote directly into the Kindle, but is there any way to get the twitter go-between option to send the actual highlight? Did I configure something incorrectly?

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try http://technosavvy.org/software/ notescaper


Any idea how to replicate the Kindle feature of highlighting in an ebook and having that sync to a webpage? Obviously, amazon and evernote would work out any sort of direct integration--don't see this as the sort of thing a third party tries to navigate.

But what about trying to build off an open-platform ereader? Are there any on the market that allow highlighting? Are there any open-source ereaders for desktops or mobile devices? Any open source base code that can be repurposed?

For me an ideal workflow would be

1. read ebook on mobile device (kindle, nook are proprietary but ipad readers would work as well as desktop ones)

2. highlight like kindle highlighting -- minimal tagging or categorization in the reader, make interface clean and light.

3. syncs to evernote, with their api adn featuers etc etc; tag, categorize, etc.

4. "clipped from" url would be to a public copy of your ebook, google books if applicable, or a third party service to-be-established.

5. perhaps inlcude formal reference abilities, like zotero...

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