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(Archived) attachment/screenshot problem AGAIN! (kills images)




again i have BIG problems while using EN or creating/merging notes with images.

this i how i do things in EN (mostly on MAC, this time on MAC and the Windows and then MAC again ...):

-i create a new note (while dragging a screenshot to a notebook or clicking 'new note'. mostly in a local notebook)

-i then add some more screenshots (made with the MAC utility, not with the EN-screenshot-clipping tool) to the note and write some text.

-meanwhile i sent some mails to my EN-account and merge the text from the mails to the note. The mailed note contains some images which are placed on the end of the mail, but should be place somewhere else in the note.

-so i cut the image out (CMD+X or STRG+X) and paste it, to where it belongs... (CMD+V or STRG+V). sometimes, i move the image with the mouse and place it somewhere else, too.

-i'm finished, when the note "looks" good to me and all informations are places at the correct place.

-then i give some tags and a title and move it to the notebook where it belongs. (a synced one...)

after a while (maybe days where i open and closes EN on several computers a dozen times..) the attachments (mostly the images) are gone!

you will all agree, that this TOTALLY SUCKs! (without trying to blame anyone...) spending hours in documentation and then getting the slap from EN (stable versions only!) some days later.

take a look at those images (sorry, i had to censor the text, so it isnt ilustrate as it should be)



strange thing too, on the Win-client, some images are there. on Mac-client not.


THANK GOD! (or somebody else if you are an atheist or muslim) on some images (Unnamed File Attachment), i can use the MAC-QUICK-LOOK feature, which shows me the original image.

Q: But how can i extract those images from the note if i don't see them?

A: Just save the Unnamed File Attachments if their size is >0

Edit once again:

it seems to be the problem to add images via copy&paste from the clipboard which appeared on top of the note and copied to the bottom of the same note. so copying those images on top of the note to the clipboard and copying them on some place at the bottom from the clipboard will cause those attachment 0 bytes issue.

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