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(Archived) Anyone tried transferring files from Eye-Fi Pro X2?

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I was wondering, if anyone has tried direct transfer of their Eye-Fi Pro X2 card to their Evernote account? If you have, what's your feedback or suggestions?

I am possibly looking to transfer about 200-400 photos per day using the Eye-Fi to Evernote's dropbox system and extracting out for print. Am unsure if Evernote could support this huge bulk of photographs per day as I would rather need it instantly transfered and printed out on the other side. It would be great if you'd advise me of the best choice. Thank you very much!

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To clarify - Evernote and Dropbox are both cloud storage but are still pretty different. Please don't confuse the two.

Secondly, at 200-400 photos per day, you'll quickly exceed your monthly upload limit, even if you went premium. A Dropbox account would be more suitable for your needs. Depending upon what quality photos you're taking, you may have to spring for a paid account.

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Yeah, I figured out it would be too huge a capacity that I need. I'll go check out dropbox, my only concern is if this SD card would support directly transferring to dropbox. Thank you anyway for your input. Much appreciated! :lol:

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Take a look at SugarSync as well as Dropbox.

I've been trying it out and it has some nice features and is less restrictive on files locations than Dropbox.

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Evernote is one of the destinations that the Eye-Fi Card supports, out of the box. I personally use Evernote to shoot business cards (I have hundreds after trade-shows), they all go into Evernote, and I'm done, very quickly.

We don't support DropBox, nor Sugar Sync.

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