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(Archived) Editing: inserted lines end up in totally the wrong place


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When using Evernote for Android, editing notes is not working well.

For example, I'm editing a long note consisting of a list of steps, here's a fragment:


2. Titaniumbackup, Run Batch "Backup all user apps + system data"

3. ADWLauncher Settings, "Backup ADW Settings", "Backup desktop configuration".

4. Rom Manager, "Reboot into Recovery"

5. Recovery mode, "Backup & Restore -> Backup"


I want to add a line after point 3, so I tap this line. A box opens to enable editing the line (WTF? Why not just present the whole note in a text editing box?)

I position the cursor at the end of the line and tap twice. Then I type "3a. [some text]"

When I then tap "Save", the new line ends up much further down the note, after point 10 (instead of after point 3, where I inserted it).

Again, why not just give us the note in an editing box, I'm sure that would prevent this silliness.

Bottom line is that I consider Evernote for Android unusable for editing and that's bad. This has to be fixed, guys.

Evernote staff: should you be interested, the note-id is 7e702ef0-fe7c-46dc-93b8-cf234131adc5.

This has happened to me more than once, in different notes.

(Evernote for Android, build 142077, 3.0.1)

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Sorry that you are having issues with editing of the note.

Please try out inserting line by just tapping return key and add needed content. The numbering will adjust by itself.

Before editing note.

1. aaa

2. bbb

3. cccc

After editing note

1. aaa

2. Inserted content

3. bbb

4. cccc


1. Open the note in edit mode.

2. Place the cursor on the end of the line (Eg:"Backup desktop configuration")

>> Text box opens

3. Tap on Return key

4. Type in the needed additions (Eg:[some text])

5. Tap save.

>> EN adds number next to it automatically.

Please try it out and if you have still issues , we would be glad to help you out.

We are working to improve the editing experience.

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