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(Archived) Can I make a note accessible from 2 different notebooks?



I'm trying to use Evernote with a group of people to share documents. We each have our own individual notebooks as well as one shared notebook for the group. We are all premium users. We want to be able to create notes for our own notebooks and then decide to add them to the shared notebook, if we think others will be interested. The catch is that we don't want the note to actually leave our individual notebook. We want the note to be in both places: Our individual notebook and the shared notebook.

I realize that you can technically "share" a note in a variety of ways (email, copy URL to clipboard, etc.), and that you can "move" a note to a different notebook - shared or not - but we would like to be able to have the note in our own notebook AND in the shared notebook simultaneously.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!

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