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(Archived) another "searching for audio" question



Good Day:

There was a recent post regarding searching for audio, rather than hijack that thread, I thought I would start a new one....

In the other thread there was a reply that suggested a way to find notes with audio clips is to use the search term:


I had not used that search syntax and thought I would give it a try. The query returns notes with either mp3 or m4a files attached (the only two audio file formats I've used in evernote to date)...I have found at least one note with an m4a file that is not included in the results.

The obvious question is

1) am I doing anything wrong with the query

and if not,

2) how can I really find all notes with attached audio

Thanks for any replies


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As a followup...

I've noticed that the search string:


does NOT return any results, even though I know there are notes with mp3 files attached. Interestingly, the search string:


DOES return these notes

I don't know if the above is related to the first issue, but perhaps there is a clue here...thanks for any replies.


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How about using a Tag named "Audio File Attached". Or put a specific search string in the note itself as one work like Audio_File_Attached which makes the search easier and finds just this string and not Audio or File or the word Attached in every other note. Then you could also save a search and it would find them all with just one click no matter where they are.

Not sure if that is what you are looking to do or not. Just my thoughts.

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